Get To Know The GLO


My name is Allison Glogovac.

I am a highly motivated college student who is interested in the Communications Media Outreach Industry. My goal is to one day work for a competitive company and be in a position as a Community Outreach Specialist. In my past careers, I have experienced hands-on marketing, face-to-face networking, social media management, as well as customer and business relations. I learned the majority of my community networking skills while coaching in my hometown and gained valuable marketing field experience  in surrounding cities, while contracting for a Bay Area company.

For as long as I can remember I have been involved with volunteer work and fundraising efforts for local athletics and schools in Pleasanton. My involvement in my high school and club water polo team, landed me a summer coaching job in 2007. I quickly stepped up as the coach that was willing to put in the work, when I volunteered to help market our club team at local Downtown Street Fairs.

Since 2007, and my graduation from High School, I have been directly involved with over 4 Annual Fundraisers for my alma mater. I have held chair positions in the organizations that I am involved with on campus, such as Fundraising Chair and Social Media Chair.  I have also helped to start social media pages for local mom and pop companies that I have worked for in my community.

Each year, I continue to give back to my community by staying in contact with everyone that I meet and I always make sure that after they meet me they do not forget me.

Continue to follow my blog and you will soon learn what the GLO is all about.

Thank You,



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